It’s over…for now!

March 10, 2008

Okay I’m going to keep this brief because I some sleep. The last month has been the climax of what can only usually be seen in nightmares and I need rest. So do you! You’ve done brilliantly, and I can’t thank you enough.

I’ll spare the technical detail, but basically the more you uploaded and authorised files on the site the more we were able to gain access. Firstly deleting all participants from the system, then eventually removing the database and website. The problem however, is that the server connected to a backup server shortly before it was due to lock itself down (and we deleted everything) and somehow it inserted all of your names and details as new participants. The site’s going to hibernate for 269 days, then who knows…

Don’t worry, this time we’re in a better position. I’m due to return the huge favor you guys have given me. I’ll be in contact near the time.

Like I said, right now I need to return to reality. Take a couple of weeks off work to spend with Martin. That reminds me actually. I need to let him know the good news. I’ll call him tonight. He’s due back in the UK soon.

Thanks again! Until next time…

Take Care

Becs x


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