Hack Day

March 10, 2008

Hi guys. We’ve made lots of preparations and are almost ready to take this thing down from the inside.

8pm tonight is when we’re going for the big push. That’s GMT by the way. Hopefully we’ll have all systems in place by then. We’re also thinking about tracing the output of the commands we’re running, on the home page of Project Ophiuchus, what do you think?

Gerry’s most likely going to be in 1in50million later, it’s probably worth having a couple of people in there aswel, to relay information to everyone else.

That’s all I have to say really. Apart from that, good luck!

Oh, and I can’t stress enough how tonight’s outcome will change things. For better or worse, it definately ends tonight. Let’s make sure it’s the right way… yeah?

Becs x


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