It’s over…for now!

March 10, 2008

Okay I’m going to keep this brief because I some sleep. The last month has been the climax of what can only usually be seen in nightmares and I need rest. So do you! You’ve done brilliantly, and I can’t thank you enough.

I’ll spare the technical detail, but basically the more you uploaded and authorised files on the site the more we were able to gain access. Firstly deleting all participants from the system, then eventually removing the database and website. The problem however, is that the server connected to a backup server shortly before it was due to lock itself down (and we deleted everything) and somehow it inserted all of your names and details as new participants. The site’s going to hibernate for 269 days, then who knows…

Don’t worry, this time we’re in a better position. I’m due to return the huge favor you guys have given me. I’ll be in contact near the time.

Like I said, right now I need to return to reality. Take a couple of weeks off work to spend with Martin. That reminds me actually. I need to let him know the good news. I’ll call him tonight. He’s due back in the UK soon.

Thanks again! Until next time…

Take Care

Becs x


Hack Day

March 10, 2008

Hi guys. We’ve made lots of preparations and are almost ready to take this thing down from the inside.

8pm tonight is when we’re going for the big push. That’s GMT by the way. Hopefully we’ll have all systems in place by then. We’re also thinking about tracing the output of the commands we’re running, on the home page of Project Ophiuchus, what do you think?

Gerry’s most likely going to be in 1in50million later, it’s probably worth having a couple of people in there aswel, to relay information to everyone else.

That’s all I have to say really. Apart from that, good luck!

Oh, and I can’t stress enough how tonight’s outcome will change things. For better or worse, it definately ends tonight. Let’s make sure it’s the right way… yeah?

Becs x


March 9, 2008

So, myself and Gerry have been plotting to take the game down from within. I’ve learnt from experience that the only way to win a game is to play by the rules, so to an extent that’s what we’re going to do. As I said yesterday, every system has it’s weakness, and it’s the authorisation system that’s weak for Project Ophiuchus.

We’ve tried many times to hack the main site and database in order to take it down but with little success. There seems to be security measures in place to automatically lock down the system in cases of attack. However, we think we’ve found a way around it. The system’s designed in a way that it can only either be in the process of authorisation or defending itself. So what does that mean? Quite simply, it means we need to distract the system while we’re hacking in.

So, this is where you come in. We’re in the process of modifying the system so we can override the standard authorisation files. In other words, you’ll be able to upload your own authorisation files, and authorise files others have uploaded.

It’ll be useful if we start to stockpile these files, so we’ve got them when we need them. It’s best if authorisation files are in the form of a puzzle because the system’s pretty clever. There’s a chance that it could authorise files automatically.

You’ll need to prepare your images so they’re under 200Kb and no larger than 500×500. The authorisation code will need to be entered when the image is uploaded. Think of it like the solution to the puzzle contained in the image.

If we get enough files being constantly authorised, we’re likely to be able to jump in and take down the system completely.

This time, it really is up to you…

I’ll be in contact again when we’re ready and I’ll let you know when we’re going for it.

Good Luck,

Becs x

Safe house

March 8, 2008

So. There’s a valid reason why I didn’t blog yesterday.

I’m in a kinda safe house at the moment. Gerry’s here after finding me in Manchester. I guess some of you were a little confused as to whether I could trust these guys or not. I’m pretty sure I can. They seemed to know all about Project Ophiuchus and Jason. Gerry’s been telling me how they put their campaign on hold and focussed all efforts on finding us. I guess it was the right thing to do. Firstly, so their campaign isn’t damaged and they don’t look like the ones who Kidnapped us, and secondly because they had the ability track us down.

This couldn’t have happened without your help though. I’m thankful for what you guys have done. To Leyton, for finding the USB stick I left in Brunel University Library, and Zaranai for retrieving Martin’s and all the rest of you for mucking in here and there. I guess it’s pretty obvious that we created the authorisation files to ensure that the people who found them had good intentions, and were vast in number. I’m afraid to say that although we’d been watching what Jason’s been doing from afar we couldn’t be sure if we could trust you. Thankfully, you proved yourselves.

Project Ophiuchus – it’s not over yet. Over the last year, I’ve been caught up with that stupid project. It’s like a drug. The more you commit yourself, the more you have to commit. I guess it’s a bit World of Warcraft, in a weird sorta way.

We’re not free yet. Jason and his minions of Recruits will still be looking for us, we’ve only temporarily stopped them. What we’ve found from hacking the site to change the authorisation files is that yes, like any system it has weak spots and no, it’s not impenetrable. But we’re only able to do so much. Gerry’s been giving us some ideas for how we can take the website down. it’s the heart of the project. If the website and database are offline, then the participants / recruits, whatever you care to call them aren’t able to feed in their information.

You need to help us with the final stages. We’re plotting away, but I promise they’ll be ready soon. We really won’t be able to succeed without your help over the next few days. God only knows what will happen if you fail. I really hope you can do it. We’re in such a real state. We’ve had enough of Jason’s sick little manipulations and we want to return to the real world, helping real people. Our lives have been turned upside down.

As far as we’re concerned,

This is not a game.

Becs x

P.S. I promise I’ll get around to answering more of your questions. Helping you to help me and all that. Leave ’em below

and go on till you come to the end. That’s what I’ll try to do. Please forgive me if I leave stuff out! Life’s upside down at the moment.

I hope you don’t mind. I’m not exactly going to say where I am, in case Jason finds this page. The good news is that I’m safe, for now. Here’s the start of the story…

Dani Keller. Is that a name that rings a bell? It didn’t to me, or Martin when we first heard it. He seemed like a nice guy, trying to get some help for an upcoming project ‘Ophiuchus’. He claimed he needed people in the medical and scientific professions. Martin was the first to get involved, with his work at CERN he’s naturally the sort of person that’s keen to take part in new projects and exciting opportunities. That’s what we thought Ophiuchus was.

What it turned out to be is completely different. It’s taken over our lives. How can a series of simple tasks cause us so much trouble? Started off receiving tasks from Dani, and trekking all over to find devices and place them for data collection. We thought we were helping the planet. What we were doing seemed real. From there we got more and more involved. Ophiuchus kept calling us at the wrong times, after days of 12 hour shifts or during family vacations. We were so caught up, we just jumped into helping. Now we’re the ones who need help.

We faked our kidnapping to escape the project. But Dani / Jason recruited you guys to help find us. We can’t escape this thing alone. Hijacking the project was the only way you guys could help us escape, without the knowledge of Jason.

So here we are, I’m sure you’ve got lots of questions. Feel free to post a comment here, or text me. Don’t worry about Martin, he’s still in the States. I’m moving location tonight, I’m not sure what time I’ll be able to blog tomorrow. Any ideas how I can escape this project are welcome.

Becs x